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At long last, your quest for the ideal park boot has ended.

Behold the Burton Men’s Grail Snowboard Boot, the cushiest boot in all the land. Burton designed the Holy Shit outsoles just for the Grail Boots, to absorb the shock of your landings. These outsoles feature two midsoles; Burton made the secondary midsole of dual-density EVA. Denser EVA on the boot’s lateral side provides support and response while softer EVA on the medial side lets your foot roll naturally to reduce stress on your ligaments and joints.

  • Articulating cuffs allow upper and lower parts of the boots to flex independently to maximize heel hold and assure mobility
  • The Grail�s Flex Spine Backstay allows for lateral and medial flex while maintaining edge-to-edge support
  • Flex 3 liners with TaiPanels balance smooth flex and solid support
  • Flex Cuffs hug your ankles to enhance heel hold without losing the forgiveness needed for street and park
  • InfiniFIT EVA soles in the liners cushion feet and won�t pack out after half a season
  • Outlast Adaptive Comfort Technology means these boots� liners are smart enough to absorb excess heat and then release that heat when your feet get cold

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Your community contributions

soo im looking at getting a set up goin...

soo im looking at getting a set up goin cuz im keen to go live in the snow. just wondering bout some peoples opinions, i was thinking maybe the grails and the malavita est bindings, not sure wat sorta board yet but. but they are a bit prices and im only looking to spend around 2 grand aus on evrything including jacket etc. just wondering wat everyone reckons. cheers

Responded on

Now is the time to buy for real, great prices for great product. The grail and Malavitas would be an awesome combo, but it depends on you skill level. If you are just learning, no need to throw down that kind of money. Check out the Ruller or even the Moto for boots and Customs or Missions for bindings. Hope this helps.

Responded on

ok thanks heeps man, ive been skiing for a while, just come back from my 1st time snowboarding and picked it up pretty easily aye, would just like some of my own stuff so i dont have 2 keep using hire all the time. thanks

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these boots are the top of the line for park boots!!! also you can never go wrong with the purps

5 5

Great boot

Great boot. I used to have the SLXs with CO2s and Cartels. I switched to the Grails and the Malavitas. Great combo. Really comfy. Obviously, it's not as responsive as the SLX/Cartel setup, but it's still more than responsive enough and much more playful. If you want a slightly stiffer boot, I hear the Shaun Whites are the way to go. I will be riding the Grails for a long time. They are comfy with plenty of response. I hear that the 2011 will be a bit stiffer than this years model.

I?m think I will order a pair of the...

I´m think I will order a pair of the Grail-boot to Sweden cuz everything is much more expensive here and I wondering about the sizes..The last 4 seasons I´ve used the Hail and now I´m looking for something with a little bit more support..like the Grail(I like what I have read about it so far). I have always used size 9(witch is the size I use in my regular shoes) and it has always been a perfect size for me. So I don´t know if I have the guts to order a pair of size 9 of the Grail without try them out(witch to be honest feels really stupid) and I don´t have a chance to try them anywere if I don´t drive for 4 hours. Does anyone knows if the sizes in the Hail and Grail is similar?? It will be a big screw up if I order them and they end up to small or to big so if anyone has experience of this or know anyone who has or just want to give me a tip it would be great..Thanks a lot and best regards from Tobias

Responded on

I would order a half size down from your shoe size and then have them heat molded. This will give you a really nice fit after the break in period. However, the fit on these the Hail and the Grail are similar so if you were comfortable in the 9 before you will be comfortable in the 9 again. Burton has really dialed that out of the box perfect fit. Have a safe trip home.

5 5

Review Title

awesome for the park, i feel it had perfect flex, but thats just me.but for trail riding not so much, i got alittle bit of a foot ach when i rode trails for the first part of the day but were fine when i switched 2 park. deffinatly reccomend these. and color on the purple boot is so sick (nice and bright). and these boots are so warm, was riding in -20 temps the other day and my feet were still real warm.

3 5

the price is a little ridiculous for a parkcentric boot with a liner that still needs a lot of work

i'm coming off a season of riding the jeremy jones boot, which i absolutely hated; so anything was bound to be better... i was looking for something with some flex (about a medium flex but definitely more than the jj), but still the right amount of support when needed... this fit the bill, but i'm still pretty iffy about burton's Flex liner series... it's pretty much the same liner from the jj boot with a few tweaks, and i've got to admit that the liner on the jj's sucked arse... the Flex liner is just way too soft to provide anything other than comfort (which will disappear once the mushy foam in them breaks down after riding)... hopefully, the outer on the grail, which is built way more solidly than the jj boot, will help with support and durability... still, i don't see any reasons at all why burton should charge $330 for these... they've really got to work on the Flex liner to make it a lot better in order to justify that kind of price... the other aspects of the boot are great (the air midsole system, the holy shit outsoles, the overall outer build of the boot are all awesome), but the liner really needs to go... hey burton, take a cue from K2, Ride, and Salomon, and go back to the liner drawing board...

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You have chosen wisely.....

I replaced my Driver X's from i think about 2005 with the new grail in black and red. Just for comparison sake i'll use the driver x as my constant. I don't know if technically burton built the boot in this manner but this is my opinion from riding them both. The grails seem like they are built with the same last as the driver x and fit is the same, however the driver x was a bit more stiff, and seems like the build was more for backcountry (durability wise and water repellent strength), but I like the way the grail rides much more. The more flexible attitude of the grails cuff compared to the driver obviously allows for more flexibility and movement which i find handy in the park, bust also useful when you need a little forgiveness in the backwoods. Granted the power exchange between your boots to bindings isn't so direct, I still prefer the grails to the driver x from 2004. Final note, i've had quality issues with burton gloves and little things before, but with bindings and boots, the craftsmanship is there and these at least feel the same as the others. I'll update this review once the grails have had one season under them, but seems pretty burton quality already after 7 hard boarding days in japan. Oh, ps, cushioning on these are pretty badass and will keep you comfy all day.

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Don't think about it just buy them

I recently purchased a pair of Grails and would recommend them. The H.S. shock absorption system is legit and they fit better than any boot I have ever ridden. They are classified as a park boot and the only downside is I find them too stiff for park. To compensate I only laced the first 2 hooks and that seemed to solve the issue.

2 5

Not for the wide

If you have a wide foot these aren't going to work for you. I have wide feet and after about 5 minutes of having them on my feet were killin me. 32's sick for people like me.

Responded on

Do you really find 32's to be wide enough?

Responded on

no doubt its a narrow boot(perfect for me)---performance wise it's solid.

Responded on

The Thirty Two Lashed is a wider park boot.

Anyone know how the fit on this boot...

Anyone know how the fit on this boot compares to the Ozone? I notice they both have "Flex" liners. I demoed a pair of Ozones last season and dug the fit, but they were a little too soft for my liking. These look pretty promising.

Best Answer Responded on

The fit is fairly similar as they are built using the same last. However, the flex on the Ozone is much softer than the grail.

The grail is a medium flex (If you lace it tight, and double back the laces on themselves, it can become even stiffer) Breaks in great and holds to a medium flex.

Overall feedback and sales on this boot have been insane. It has many fans!!!!

5 5

EXCELLENT..5 stars

So it was time to get some new boots this year as my 2nd set of Ions had packed out and at this point were way to big for me. I tried on DC, Salomon,k2, Ride and pretty much every boot in the store(I wanted to try something non burton)... Tried on this boot. Sold. Ridiculous. Unbelievable Comfort. It has a Nike-looking air sole and it honestly feels like a high end basketball/workout shoe due to the incredible amount of cushioning in the heel. Burtons new imprint 3 liner is also the real deal. On top of that it's low-profile for those of us with large feet. I have a narrow foot and ended up sizing down a size and a half in the grail as the shop heet molded me with a toe cup. I rode the boot today and it's CUSH. It's labeled as a freestyle boot, and has a burton flex rating of 6 which is mid-stiff. Plenty responsive but comfortable as it has an articulating cuff that helps with presses etc. I was expecting some pain today as I bought the boot a little small, but there really was none. Even going from Speed laces to the normal lacing on the grail was flawless with zero adjustments throughtout the day. Heel-hold was excellent with zero heel-lift without j-bars. Much more comfortable than my Ions. This is an almost perfect all mountain boot that has the comfort of an athletic shoe. A slayer in any situation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I'm grabbing a second pair in purple as soon as they go on sale.

Responded on

why do you need two pairs of $330 boots?

anyway, this uses the Flex 3 liner, not the superior Imprint 3 liner... good luck with the Flex liner after a few days out... actually, you may need that second pair after all

Responded on

When you find a boot that fits great, you stock up as its a waste of time to go thru the time consuming process of finding a boot that fits. I ride 50+ days a year and destroy gear so I'm guessing these will last 2 seasons. Burton changes tech from year to year, so there's no guarantee that the 2011 grail will fit the same.

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New 3 layer footbed is way to thick

The cushion is great but actually i never felt my board on my heel. The footbed is way too thick. I will change the footbed next weekend and try again.

4 5

Review Title

sick boots but they are quite expensive but worth the money

Ryan (i see you're a burton rep), how does...

Ryan (i see you're a burton rep), how does this season's Flex 3 liner compare to last season's Flex 2 liner? i rode the Flex 2 in last season's JJ boot, and to be quite honest, it was horrible... just waayyyyyyyy too soft and ended up breaking down on me after only a few days out... i know that the Flex 3 has a few tweaks to it, but do the tweaks really make it stiffer, more supportive, and more durable than the Flex 2 liner? or is it going to be more of the same mush after 5 days on-hill?

thanks for the info; i'm hoping the Flex 3 really is better, because otherwise, the Grail seems to be exactly what i'm looking for.

Responded on

Hey there Streblo... Sorry you feel that way about the flex 2 Liner... But to be frank, that JJ boot is way too soft for me to, I like something with a medium Flex.

When considering the liner its just as important to consider the Overall construction/material of the boot. Jeremy's boot is about minimalistic materials with a skate-like look and feel... and ultra soft flex.

The Grail is all performance! I just rode it today for opening day at Brighton, UT... and it is definitely not too soft for me. It is going to break in a bit, but I actually unlaced the top of the boot today as it felt a little stiff when jibbing around. Again, it will break into a softer boot, just not as soft as the JJ. The flex three liner does have the infinifit liner that makes for a better base for the foot bed. Overall, the liner construction is similar (flex 2 to 3). As mentioned above, emphasis should be placed on both the construction of upper and lower of the boot to dial in and adjust the flex.

Some other options might be that you may want to take a look at; Shaun's boot. Its slightly stiffer and has an imprint liner (thus the power panels run up near the top of the boot) Many of Burton (and other companies) Pro's still ride the Shaun White boot because it is a solid performing boot, with a slightly above medium flex.

And from there you can also look into the Ion. Flex here is slightly above Shaun's boot.

Cut and Paste these:



Happy Hunting! Let me know if you have any more questions.


Responded on

Hey thanks for the great info and quick reply, Ryan... I actually rode Shaun's boot in 2007. Unfortunately, the air bladder in the sole blew on me somehow. It was a great boot, and super comfy, despite this. But, i did notice that it packed out quite a bit (i'm a 12.5 street shoe and rode a 12 Shaun and after pack-out the Shaun become a little loose even with tightening). I'm digging the park focus of the Grail over the Shaun, so i think i will give these a try this season. But, I had one more question about the Grail concerning sizing and potential for pack-out. Will the new Infinite Liner Sole really prevent pack-out to the extent Burton claims? I was thinking about going with a size 11.5 in the Grail, but would the Infinite Liner Sole warrant me going with a 12 again? I know boot sizing is a tricky game to play, but i just thought i'd see if you had an opinion on it.

is there a lacing system for the liner,...

is there a lacing system for the liner, or is it just the velcro at the top?

Responded on

Yup, the liner has a full ankle support lacing system that attaches to inside bottom of the boot. (not actually attached to the liner -- which is actually a better construction than ones attached to a liner) The liner itself just Velcros on the top, but believe me, you won't have any issues with it. That NEW design came directly down from Jake Burton himself who rides more than all of us!

This boot is by far the best Boot I have ever ridden!!! The "holy shit" outsole is crazy-good. Lateral support with medial flex! banger!