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Makes other boards seem just pathetic.

The Method Snowboard uses Burton’s new Alumasuperfly core to give you a hard-charging feel with a weight that boarders on nothing. Burton even made the edges from a titanium alloy to handle anything and shed even more grams from one of the most advanced boards in the world.

  • Pro-Tip construction reduces swing weight to make spins easier
  • Twin flex helps you ride switch without a worry
  • Channel binding connection works with EST and 3D bindings
  • Medium stiffness lets you hit anything from a terrain park to a powder shot
  • Slimrail sidewall construction cuts grams even further
  • Directional shape for improved all-mountain performance

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Your community contributions

can you have a burton board with k2 bindings...

can you have a burton board with k2 bindings and k2 boots

Responded on

If K2 makes a two hole disk pattern then yes. As far as I know they do not have a two hole disk. You need to have a two hole disk pattern to run a EST binding in order to ride this amazing board. It is worth it to get the bindings and the board.

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The Wise One...

You know what? It IS pretty stupid to buy a board that sells for over $700. That's why I'm buying this board off of EBAY for $650! Ya gotta look around, don't just take the first thing you see... Cause at the end of the day, I have more money in my pocket than you, and that takes panties off quicker than anything.. Kids, don't buy boards at retail, and wait til the end of the season for the best deals...



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People hate on Burton and think the company is all about the bottom line. I have been boarding since I owned a Burton Elite 150. Look it up. Punk a$$ kids who think its cool to hate know nothing about Jake Burton or what he's about. The method is a great board. Personally, I like the vapor, but its a great board. If you have the money, blast it. It will go wherever you what fast. Yeah, there are cheaper boards for the guys who don't have a life off the hill and have to settle, but no need to hate on that either. I run the A Frame (Arbor) in the powder and the Vapor everywhere else. Jake Burton made the sport what it is and, coming from someone who remembers being banned from ski areas cuz I had a board, he's not the guy to hate.

Responded on

you should try another board burton isnt the only company. im not saying theyre bad but serious

Responded on

I agree with Galen. I had the mindset for my first 9 years of riding that Burton was THE company and I'd never ride anything else. Then just for the hell of it this year I bought a Capita and absolutely love it. I'll still always have a Burton or two in my quiver, but there is some other good stuff out there.

Responded on

They spend more in RnD then Most CO. do for their whole budget! I Think it shows in the progress of the ICS products.

if i normally ride a 153 board, would I...

if i normally ride a 153 board, would I be able to ride this considering it's 158, or does that 5 cm make that much of a difference?

Responded on

5 or 6cm is a bigger difference than you might think. I normally ride 161/163 but this year i bought a 57 Burton x8 - it was just too small to be comfortable on. Ended up selling it after two days of riding.

Responded on

Ya even a couple of cm can make a huge diffrence when i was 9 i rode this little 142 piece of crap and when i switched to 153, its was a crazy diffrence it took me a month to get used to it

Unanswered Question

i bet its a good board but after the 700...

i bet its a good board but after the 700 dollar mark boards dont get much better and y is this board so much anyway

soo i have been riding for about 2 days...

soo i have been riding for about 2 days now and im wondering if this board is good for starters i have the money and if there is anything better for starters let me know.

Responded on

If you are a baller enough to afford this board!

#1) props to you... you've done well for yourself

#2) it rides similar to a Burton Custom... but with the quicker reaction time of an alumafly core. It is not ideal for beginners but if you got it, flaunt it. It does have a medium flex and a great shape to it!!! you can easily grow into after a few more weeks of riding.

p.s. Think of it as a lamborghini... they don't do so well off road. They are high performance sports cars. With that, don't ride this board on terrain that you know is rocky as a core shot is not s easy to fix.

All in all, this board is next level and will truly blow your mind!!!

Responded on

I would never have bought that board as a beginner. There are WAY more appropriate boards for starters . . . the Method is geared more to freestyle-prone riders, and as a beginner, I doubt you're doing rails and gap jumps on day 2. Just remember, the most expensive board is not always the best.

Responded on

I know this thread is a little old and I don't know what  you ultimately decided to spend your money on, but here are a few thoughts:
As with most things, your get what you pay for. While I encourage spending money on a board I hope you are thinking in terms of set up, which you made no mention of, because there isn't a board out there  that can compensate for crapy bindings and boots. Secondly, if your have to as the question, " is this board for me", the. Chances are RIGHT NOW it is not..as you are still discovering how you want to ride..for now invest in something a little more forgiving.. At least until you a proficient enough rider..Not only will our ass, but your base and topsheet will thank u for it later.. Alas this comes from someone whose first board was a Ride Concept UL, a higher end board. I love my board, but ended up buying another board that was better suited fr buttering and playing around in the park. 

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What a ride!

I mean really, at $1,499.95 I shouldn't even have to show up to ride this board. Amen!

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This board will not give you inches below the belt.

Buying this board tells everyone one thing "You cannot shred" Its alright though, just as some people kill it some people gotta suck and rely on their gear to prove something and hey as long as you're walking around the village with this in your hand it may be dropping panties but it will get you no respect. Once on the hill the men get separated from the boys and this board is not going to make you tight. Here's what will:quit your day job and shred 100+ days a year. It's that simple, no board in the world will make you a sick rider only actual riding. Anyone who shreds knows Burton is not the answer. It's a money hungry corp that comes up with crap that real riders would never use cuz they know they can get better gear for half the price. But hey if you own this board you are prob crawling into your Range Rover after a day at Aspen at $100 a day so enjoy that 1 week you shred cuz the core riders will have the whole season to clown you on the lift. Want a real snowboard company? Look for the small ones sponsoring kids that don't win half pipe comps, they are building boards that rip and truly care about your business.

Responded on

HATER! Do I detect some jealousy? This guy must work for a failing board company. This guy doesn't like burton. He didn't even ride the board.

Responded on

im with you on this one, this guy is just all against burton i bet he never even rode this board, yes ok, i would never ride this because i have no decent sized mountains near by and im 16. BUT there are alot more ridiculous things on this earth than this, this board is simply showing the great potential that burton has reached in their board making, NO ONE is pointing a gun to your head and saying "buy it" its there if you want it but can be ignored if you don't basically dude you need to chill btw there is a reason that burton remains one of the top board company's for the simple reason that their stuff works and works very well

Responded on

i ride every day and burtons better than any board ive ever riden. the only bad board ive riden from them was the dominant and the bullet. otherwise every other board is amazing that ive rode.

Responded on

but this board deff isnt the greatest. go for the custom x or the vapor if your looking to be quick and hit some jumps. and the operator for a bit of jumps quickness and park. n if your a beginner, clash all the way. the brother of the clash is the bullet but its a piece of shit

Responded on

haha, true, and either way. this board is like a test board, thats why it costs so much, they are just trying to find a way to make a board that is light and still good. and why spend money decorating boards you are going to test out, they will use the new tech on new boards that they actually sell publicly. but what do I know, i ride rome...

Responded on

You realize that burton is privately owned and not a corporation right? I will grant you that some stuff Burton does is ridiculous and a little uncalled for (2 $1000+ boads in production, private half-pipe for Shaun White, etc.)., but the hate is unnecessary. Burton is doing great things for the industry and advancing the tech that goes into the boards more than was thought possible 10 years ago (pressure distribution edges, The Park/Freestyle Scoop, multiple types of rocker, etc.). The list goes on and on. I personally don't ride Burton boards. It's just a matter of preference. One should choose his/her board by the feel and not by the brand. You don't have to ride Burton, but you should definitely respect the company and all they have done for the industry. Without companies like this, you would still be getting banned from resorts for riding a board.

Responded on

well unfortunatly i do have to agree on both sides.
it is probbly awsome ride but it way over priced for and thing and althoug i do rock some sweet berton binding and boot the a a big corp who is more into mony then any thing (the bussiness not the pple) like onley makeing boards that fit buertonstuff is kinda wrongin my opinyon so it goes both way but ther a re just as sick boards for cheaper capitaa and ride make some of my favorits and u wanna go a bit more thes lib tech and even k2 has the weapon so if u got the mony go for it but if ur not rollin in the benjimen try thos

Responded on

I don't like people hating on Burton. Burton hasn't sold out, and has always been about making the best product. The reason this board is so expensive is because they so much time and money in research and development, it has to be. Plus, the people that ride this will be the ones doing heli trips in AK and NZ. And for the stuff that only fits burton, its because you wouldn't put a Bug engine in Ferrari. Its the same thing. It justs makes the stuff work all that much better with its own brand. And many companies are making disks that fit the channel, so that solves that problem. I haven't ridden this board either, but I sure as hell want to, and i bet it would be amazing

Responded on

One more thing, about the private half pipe, ALL Red Bull, not Burton

Responded on

I agree, why hate on Burton dude, its personal preference. I have been riding 40+ days for for over 10 years all over the world and i bought this board for $750 slapped some CO2 EST bindings on it and i will guarantee if you see me on the mountain i will be hitting anything and everything. I think your generalizing when you make comments about people that are walking around with this board. I have ridden all makes and models over my years of riding and i have to say this board runs rings around every single one of them. I also have a Custom 151, for days in the pipe and park but to be honest this board in the pipe is insane. Burton are doing great things for the industry and they keep evolving. There are a lot of great manufactures out there and all offer something different, i guess you are just hating for the sake of it.

5 5

All Mountain Excalibur!!!!!!!

I had the chance to ride the Method last January at the Snow Basin MSI Demo and it's INSANE!!!!! I got it first thing in the morning and decided to pair it with the Burton C02 ICS Bindings in medium. It had been warm the day before and I wanted to see how this ultralight construction would hold up at full speed on wide open semi frozen groomers. The Method blew me away. Never hesitated when pushed full throttle and the board was so light and active that I had no trouble popping full speed 180's into locked turns. I like Twin flex for it's predictability and the Method never dissapointed. Tail butter presses to light-speed groomer runs, the METHOD RULES. If you have the means, try or buy this board!!!!!!

5 5


I personally own this board please disregard the comment this anus left.... The board is awesome he's just hating.....Super lite, great flex, great pop, top sheet is basically scratch resistant....... Rides like his last girl after I was done with her fast and hard

Responded on

Where are you shredding? Valdez Alaska? cause that's the only place a board like this is going to do you any good. The guy below is 100% right, though maybe a bit harsh this board makes you look ridiculous.

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sucks for the money

board is not all its cracked up to be. The board rides like the last gf i had, slow and bad response time. i dumped her ass just like i did this board. dont buy this board. dont buy burton.

Responded on

Another hater. I know this review is fake because he didn't say anything specific about the board. SLOW?? I haven't ridden this board specifically, but Burton makes the fastest boards on the market ans I'm sure this one is no exception. You're a terrible liar.

Responded on

hey guess what? you're dumb the base on this is a New Methlon N2O WFO Vision Base how can that be slow i am very confident in the fact that burton has tested this base and all their bases countless times if you want to shoot that down then fine but you look like a fool because you said it was "slow" thats like saying a Lamborghini is slow, you're an idiot go home man, go home

Responded on

hahaha jeremy man i have to agree.. i think i saw this guy in the woodshop with a sander..hahahha you guys that talk Burton down make me laugh. i bet you just put your bindings on the bottom and tried to ride the top of the board loser.. LMFAO

Responded on

Obviously you did not ride this board, cause if you did you would not be making those comments. This board is super quick, responsive and and carves like it is on rails. Why talk shit about something you know nothing about

Is this board likely to bend if you ride...

Is this board likely to bend if you ride it in the park too much? relative to a wood cored board?

Responded on

if you have enough money to buy this board, why dont you just buy a park board? Just a suggestion. Maybe buy a park board for 500 and an other board for 1000. Just my 2 cents.

Responded on

I don't know why they gave you 'thumbs down', Lukas. You are making total sense.

Responded on

Ha, two thumbs downs for what? it wasn't me who gave you the thumbs down Lukas, i appreciated the help, but now to prove the laws of tit for tat, you can add another thumbs down to your tally bruhh. enjoy

will you be getting the 162cm? will this...

will you be getting the 162cm? will this be available in wide?

Responded on

I dont think they make a wide version of this board. The burton site doesnt have a wide board version of the method.