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Gear Photo

11/09/10: Alta, Utah. Deep Pow, Low Light, I/O Domination.

11/09/10: Alta, Utah. Deep Pow, Low Light, I/O Domination.

Hiking and exploring Alta Ski Area on my snowboard has been one of my favorite shred activities annually as the winter season approaches each year. On this deep-ass November day at alta the light was SOOO low. Looking at the image it is plain to see how dark it was during our turns. I have been using the Smith I/O goggle for the last 4 years and this day realized a new amazing feature of this product: THE SENSOR MIRROR LENS. All Smith I/O goggles include the Sensor Mirror second lens for low and flat light. I'm telling you, if its flat light, foggy, or nearly dark out; you are going to be stoked to have this easy changing lens option. Are these worth the money? YES. Are they the best goggles ever made in this universe? YES. Do they make you more attractive to the opposite sex? YES. I change my lenses "on the fly" all the time when rallying at the resorts. It's really that easy and fast. If you're like me and 'rag-doll' in the pow every now and again, you're going to be so glad you can change that lens out quick, fast and in a hurry. Your friends are really going to like not waiting an eternity for you to be able to see through your goggles again after your 'yard sale'. Trust me, I know.