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I liked these bindings until I had the misfortune of dealing with rides customer service department. The very first day I rode on these bindings on the first run the small buckle broke, since then the ratcheting buckle has also broke. I had to place screws into it to hold in into place so I could still use them on my trip. The Frankensteined in place screws have been holding and ive been riding on the screws for several weeks now. Why have I been riding on screws in place of the buckles you may ask, because rides customer service is shit. it takes them a minimum of a week to get back to you then they do not want to send you the needed replacement part even when its a manufacturer defect. Ive been fighting with them for the past week just to get a simple buckle. I ended up going to Valsurf here in LA and the dude hooked me up FREE with the parts I needed. They to informed me getting ride to send any type of replacement part even when its under warranty is damn near impossible. If your a big rider, (Im 6'3" 235lbs) you might want to get some replacement parts before you start using them to save yourself this hassle. At this point if i can find another brank of bindings that hold my big ass feet im switching just due to the shitty customer service from ride.