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3 questions...
1. do they work with my...

3 questions...
1. do they work with my capita indoor?
2. is there enough support for an all mountain session?
3. would these work well with big air jumps/cliff drops? (i only ask because the park is not always well maintained)
im sure they're sick for jibing and mid sized jumps, but they dont seem to have any cushioning...

3 questions... <br/> 1. do they work with my...
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1. Yes, they will be a good matchup with your Capita Indoor Survival. There are no weird hole patterns to worry about and setup will be easy.

2. I like how Flux put's it: "The Distortion is the newest cool kid on the block, setting trends and breakin’ necks.
To give it a skate inspired feel we incorporated a urethane highback that flexes and moves with the rider, kinda like a good pair of skate shoes.
The urethane dampeners in the baseplate promote natural board flex and eliminate dead spots, perfect for reverse camber shred sticks. " This binding is a staple in the Flux line, because it can handle just about anything...ok, ANYTHING!

3. Your park isn't always maintained? perhaps you ride @ Brighton? You're also wrong about the whole 'hey dont seem to have any cushioning...' thing. These babies have urethane underfoot, working full time and behind the scenes, and EVA foam directly on top of the tray, helps absorb the chatter so you don't have to. The distortions will take you there, the rest is up to you to get beastie!