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5'4, 115 pounds. Should I go with the 143...

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5'4, 115 pounds. Should I go with the 143 or 147? I ride prob 95% in the park. Plus, since almost all I do is hit medium sized jumps, boxes and rails, which board would you recommend, Lib Tech Skate Banana, Burton Blunt or the Arbor Draft?

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If you're in the park that much, with your weight I'd put you on the 143. I can't really answer the second part of your question real well. I along with everyone else has heard good things about the banana. I have no clue about arbor. I rode exclusively burton boards for about 8 years and have never had any major issues with them. My personal thing I've noticed with the lower end burton's like the blunt is that they're kind of heavy and gluggy. That's my opinion on them, others may disagree, but I think with burton you totally get what you pay for, I'm not a hater at all, just my opinion. I will say that Capita has surprised me with good boards at low prices so maybe consider one of them before making a purchase. Not trying to advertise but I've been impressed. Good luck.

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i sujust you get the 5150 vice