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6', 200lb, 36" inch waist. What size do...

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6', 200lb, 36" inch waist. What size do you recommend, and will I be covered in most conditions if I've got something like the sumo/ninja suit underneath, or would additional layers be required on the colder days (-20C/-4F)?

Thanks guys.

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What's up TJD, one-piece snow suits are warmer than two pieces because you get a pocket of warm air from your head to your toes. So in -20C, you will probably be warm enough with a Ninja and maybe another base layer top over it. It depends on how warm blooded you are.

For your size, I recommend XL so the waist won't be too restricting. Large is good to 34 inch waist.

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Thanks Shredwise, but I already got my Large and it's almost perfect. Probably a little bigger than I would have liked, but that's mostly just because it's rediculously long! I think a medium would have been too tight. I'm stoked with this gear. Can't wait to get on the slopes with it.

Just as a side note, you should probably change the details regarding pockets. Given that there are no rear pockets, and there's actually one internal breast pocket. The hand pockets are rad.