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A couple of questions... first off, how...

A couple of questions... first off, how would you compare the Pulse to the Tracker2? I am a beginner in avalanche beacons but am planning to take part in all backcountry has to offer in the next few seasons and beyond. Also, I have heard somewhere that the Mammut beacons only work with other Mammut's... I am assuming from what I have read that this is false... but I just wanted to make sure and not assume. Thanks for your help!

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Hey Chris, I used the Tracker2 for many years. It's a great beacon, and it's also pretty simple. That being said, I really think it's worth it to spring for the Pulse. You can leave the factory settings in place for now and then as you grow in your backcountry skiing, you can customize it. I honestly feel like this is the easiest beacon out there to use. There's a reason so many heli ski companies are making this the beacon their clients use. It's stupid easy to use, and that's what you want when it hits the fan. (Be sure to practice too).

As for the mammut to mammut, that's bogus. That being said, the newer beacons are easier to find because of the way they send out their pulse. It's complicated, but the short version is that the new beacons isolate the different signals based on the leading edge of incoming signals. The newer beacons are built for this and thus, a group of new beacons will be easier to find in a multiple beacon search, than a group of old beacons. Hope that helps!

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This is definitely a great beacon and it is easy to use. There are two settings. Basic and advanced. I have been using it on the basic settings and it is very user friendly. Can move to the advanced settings when totally confident with the basic. The reason people say that this doesn't work with other beacons is due to a function that reads a victim's pulse. This is controversial because it will not show a pulse for someone with another beacon although it will pick up the signal. This can introduce other variables into a rescue which may or may not be good.

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Yeah, agree with Grant and Will. Interesting to think about prioritization in a multiple burial situation where one burial is wearing another Pulse beacon and others are not. I'd be interested to hear thoughts.

As far as the beacon "working" Mammut to non-Mammut - yes, of course, the search functions work beautifully in every scenario I've worked. It's the just question of the pulse function.