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Gear Question

A few questions.
Magne-traction put aside,...

A few questions.
Magne-traction put aside, how is the C2 BTX shape on (east coast) ice?

Why does a $560 board have an extruded base?

I know it says it has a flex of 5/10, but that varies between manufacturers.
I'm a progressing intermediate looking for a medium flexing board on the softer side of medium. If I get this, I would get the 148cm.

I just started carving and going off of jumps at the end of last season.

I am 5'5" and weigh about 130-140lbs with equipment.

The other board I am looking at is the Rossi Diva because I liked the amptek shape when I rode it one day last season, but it was a powder day so it was not typical conditions for where I ride. I also liked the amptek shape of the Rossi Tesla.

Does anyone know about both of these boards and can provide feedback of which is a smarter purchase, regardless of price?

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The C2 on the east coast is great, the shape directs the energy into the center of the board where your center of gravity is, thus giving you more control and a faster edge-to-edge.
The base is actually a dual-layered base with a sintered layer and a fluro-polymer layer which increases speed and reduces the amount of waxing needed.
So actually the base is NOT simply extruded.
The flex for the size you are asking about is specific to lighter weight riders, ideally a female but not specifically one. The flex should be around a 4 to 4.5.
As for the Rossi Diva, I have heard great things, but being a male, have not had the opportunity to ride. Personally, I would always opt for the board that has magnetraction, the best innovation to ever be applied to a snowboard, and makes rocker boards work to their fullest potential.

thanks & happy shredding!!
Viva la Nina!