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Are there any downsides to riding a wide...

Are there any downsides to riding a wide board when you might not really need one? I'm gonna be wearing either 10.5 or 11 boots.

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Because of your boot size, you should be riding a wide. Run this board. The wide board is going to give you more stability and lift in powder.

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Well the flex pattern on a wide is a little different that a reg sized deck. Power transfer and edge transfer is a lil different aswell. But all-in-all they ride just like a reg deck would. It gives you a lil more meat under your feet and they are definately more stable at higher speeds than a reg deck. Bigger surface area pops you up better in pow and keeps you a float easier. You are pretty much on the cusp of mid to wide. But if you can jump on a mid-wide, that might work for you too. But if your feet are still growing, then just get a wide as you will have to change it up in the long run anyways. I have a size 12 boot and I ride a Rome Machine 154W with a waist width of 258. Personally I cant ride anything skinnier than a 256, so I ride a wide rather than a mid. Hope this helps bro