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Are they really worth the extra money? or...

Are they really worth the extra money? or should i get the regular icons?

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I have regular icons and they have broken
I'd recommend staying away from skullcandy all together.
I've had nothing but problems from their products.
all they do is break and i cant even get customer service to respond to my emails.

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ok thx

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if under helmet buy soft

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personally i think Erik Wilson is a rare case. (Sorry) I also recommened staying away from Skullcandy if you want a pair of headphones that will last. I own skullcandys for the sole fact of the lifetime warrenty. If they didn't have that I would have switched brands ages ago. I replace my skullcandies about once every 2-3 months for free and have never had a problem getting a hold of the warrenty people. But if you are looking for sometihng that lasts, go with a more mainstream brand like Sony (never ever phillips! they suck). They may not be as stylish but they are much better

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i have to disagree with both erik wilson and kylie. While i have had some skull candy head phone that have broken like the very large ones i have also had a pair of icons for two years now and they have held up just fine. I ride 125 days a year and have taken numerous hard wrecks with broken goggles but the headphones have held up. I would 100% recommend buying the icons or the icon soft. they will last for ever