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Are you ever going to sell the suit jacket...

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Are you ever going to sell the suit jacket and suit pant separate? Since it is a slim fit suit...many people might need a bigger jacket with a smaller pant...especially if they lift weights. Like i bought a size large and the pants fit perfect, but i needed a size XL in the jacket...i have broad shoulders so i feel like i'm gonna rip it every time i open a door! Plus i bought the pinstripe "with white pinstripes", but it's actually purple pinstripes! What's up with that!?
And how would i buy new pants for the suit? my jacket is still in good condition, but my pants are wrecked! Do i have to spend another $200 just for matching suit pants!? Help me out!

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Hey there guy. The suit is sold as a package - jacket and pants together. We buy them from Volcom that way, so that's how we sell em. You MIGHT be able to contact volcom to buy a separate pair of pants. Otherwise I'm afraid you might be out of luck.

You do have another option, though. We just got the Volcom Paulson suit in stock, brand new. It's a snazzy number with the jacket and pants sold separately. There are even shorts if you're into matching suit-shorts. Just type Volcom Paulson into the search box and it'll pop up.

As for the pinstripes... I haven't seen anywhere on our website with your quoted "with white pinstripes." What's up with THAT Andrew? ;)

Anyways, I hope you can hook up some pants through Volcom or pick up the Paulson suit. Happy hunting.