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At my avalanche class many Pulse users...

At my avalanche class many Pulse users were complaining about interference caused by an iPhone in the user's pocket. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

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All beacons are susceptible to interference from cell phones and other electronic devices. If you're in avalanche territory, turn off your phone.

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Or, think about keeping it away from your beacon. If your phone is in the top of your pack and your beacon is at your waste, you're probably okay. The interference drops off quite quickly.

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Agree with Dave and Grant .... John Barkhausen of Prescott College did some tests on interference from electronic devices, and presented it at last national aval conference. He found cells, GPS, iPods, SPOT, and other digital devices can and do interfere with beacon signals if held or stored closer than 40cm from searching transceiver .... about 'arms-length'. He found much less effect if device was near a transmitting beacon.

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Dave is right. If you're spending time in the backcountry - why have you cell phone on at all. You can certainly turn it to airplane mode and back only when needed.

I have noticed that an iphone placed next to the pulse will get the pulse to behave strangly, even in send mode. It will beep and will also behave as if it is searching. I've noticed something similar with the DSP as well.

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I've had a friend with me experience this with a Tracker II as well.

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Most electronics will interfere with the signals, but surprisingly older ipods are the worst for throwing of the signal.