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Been eyeing these binders for quite awhile...

Been eyeing these binders for quite awhile but I have to ask are these also built on the contact baseplates. They look similar but not quite the same. I currently ride Union Forces but looking for a better flexing binder that would work well with my Lib-Tech Skate Bannana. Any help would be great looking at the black and golds, they look sick. Thanks.

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They are a lil different from the Contacts. I ride a pair of '09 Contacts and I own '09 Forces aswell. The Flite comes in contact with about 40% of the board, as the Contacts only come in contact with 18% of the board. With the Contacts they will allow for a more true flex of your board seeing as only a minimal amount of the binder is touching. With the Flites, you get a little lighter package (but not much as the Contatcs are mega lite) but with more contact from board to binder. I love my Contacts and they have never let me down. I ride park to steeps to trees and everything inbetween. Personally I would tell you to get the Contacts if you want a solid binder that can kill park but will still hold pretty much everywhere else. But obv its all personal preference. Hope this helps :)