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Best focus boa boot?

I'm between these...

Best focus boa boot?

I'm between these 32s and the DC Mora boots. (or any other focus boa womens' boots) I'm currently wearing the Burton Lodi's and am getting sick of always stopping to tighten them, not to mention my feet fall asleep after about 20 mins. How do the two compare comfort wise? Is the sizing fairly similar? Suggestions, anyone???

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Well you will have the option of dual-zoning(triple to 32, but really a dual). Meaning you can adjust the upper seperate from the lower part of your boot. So if you like it tighter around your calf and a little looser around the foot, you can do that. It just gives you the option of tightening them how you want without sacrificing comfort and stability. The Focus Boa is one of the best Boa lacing systems out. They would be more comparable to the Mora's in flex and feel. But I think 32 brings a lot more to the table than DC does with Boa boots. And the sizing is close but not spot on. With 32 they tend to pack out a bit after a little bit of riding. I have a size 12 shoes but rock a 11-12 boot. Some of the liners fit a little differently. Best bet would be to go to your local shop and try a pair on. But you will not be unhappy if you picked these up