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Can't decide on what size Large or XLarge?

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Can't decide on what size Large or XLarge?
I wear a large glove in the Pow brand of gloves. just dont know if DC gloves are the same sizes?

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Well there's a few things you have to look at with gloves. Does it have a removable liner?(bec that meakes a diff in sizing) What the material is made of(bec some stretch more than others, like a neoprene compared to leather), and obv who makes the glove. Seeing as these are a leather glove, they will prob run a lil more fitted around the wrist and fingers. DC runs pretty standard with their gloves, as to not make it difficult with sizing. If you are a L usually, then go for a L. Seeing as these have a zipper on the cuff, it will make it easier to get in if your palm is a lil bigger. So I would go for a L if thats what you usually wear. Unless you like to have a lil more room, then go for the XL, but im thinkin it will be a lil too big if you're usually a L. Hope this helped bro