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Can't decide on whether to get the 154 or...

Can't decide on whether to get the 154 or 157. I ride a 156 Uninc and have been planning on moving onto a better carve board (although I'm Vermont based). However, the believer has just been winning to many awards to count. Anyway, I'm 5'8 around 165. I'm a pretty advanced rider, mostly carving the groomers, butter and jump off anything and hit the big jumps. Not a huge rail guy but ive been known to hit the boxes now and then. Also, love the powder when the gods smile on VT. Any ideas? 157 seems a bit big for the East Coast. It's either this or possibly the Forum Seeker 156 (for pure speed). Recommendations?

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Sounds like you should definitely go with the 157. and move

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3 cm on a board like the Believer isn't going to be a huge difference, especially if you're use to riding a 156 Un...Inc as the Believer is going to give you a similar ride. Personally I would say go for the 154 if you're going to keep using the Un...Inc every once in awhile and go with the 157 if you're retiring the Un...Inc.

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I'm 5'11" 165lbs and use the 157 for everything. It's a little stiff and heavy for slow speed technical rail stuff but works miracles offpist and at higher speeds.

I went with the 157 to get a wider stance. The 154's 21" setup just doesn't cut it for me.