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Do all the Ride jackets have the same fit?...

Do all the Ride jackets have the same fit? I tried the Ride Pioneer yesterday and to my surprise, the small was a perfect fit. (I'm about 5'9'', 165, athletic build). Medium fitted OK, not TOO baggy, but the small had perfect arms length, coat length and overall tighter fit. I guess the Rainier must be slightly less bulky since it an insulated shell instead of having a separate, detachable liner? This coat seems perfect for my needs : good performance, good basic insulation from the shell, nice not too baggy look... I just want to make sure the coat won't be tighter than the Pioneer so I know I can wear a few layers if needed... and what about last year's Rainier? Same fit as this year?

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Yo Jerome

You went to a shop that only carried one of the lines jackets? Why am I not surprised...such cheap shops marking their gear up so high, yet only carrying the one style...sigh. Maybe you can find another local shop that carries the Rainer jacket?

There is a sizing chart underneath the "select options" tab, perhaps this might help you out a bit as well. If you are going for not as tight though, with the ability to layer up, I'm going to recommend an M. The specs call for a standard fit, which I believe your presumptions to be correct, being less bulky since it is insulated without a liner.

Yet again I point out df's sick return policy if you order this jacket and it doesn't quite fit what you are looking for. They know you want to have a sick coat and are willing to help you find it, even if you gotta try a few on first :)

Lyman should see this soon though. He will probably have a more apt reply for you since he is the snowboard gear guru around here. Perhaps wait for his response!

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Jerome--if you're going to be skiing or snowboarding in it, I would go with the Medium for several reasons.

1. layering. you'll be wearing more clothes under the jacket, that will take up room.

2. freedom of movement. if you're shredding, you're moving around a lot. the Small will probably inhibit your range of motion and the waist might pull up if you raise your arms. combine this with #1, and you're in trouble.

3. when you're riding your jacket will look tighter than it did. This is a weird one. Jackets always feel looser in the store than they do on the mountain.

For these reasons, go medium. Happy hunting.

PS. Lyman only answers questions related to Forum, Foursquare, Special Blend gear.