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Does anyone know if a bag like this would...

Does anyone know if a bag like this would fit a pair of skis AND a snowboard with bindings attached? My boyfriend and I want to save money by using one bag but I'm concerned we won't be able to fit his boots in if I use the exterior pockets for my ski boots. I can't remove the bindings on my skis so we would probably have to have the bindings facing each other, therefore having to squeeze his boots in any gap in between. Its hard to picture unless we can try it out really. Does anyone carry a helmet in these bags as well?

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I have this bag and really don't think it will fit a full snowboard set up and ski's including boots... If you could i think a great deal would depend on the size of the snowboard, ski's, boots and bindings... If all are on the smaller size you may luck out, but for sure, the snowboard bindings would have to be unmounted to make everything fit in place...

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i can squeeze in my 165 rossignol board and a pair of dynastar 178 skis if i tie up the breaks with my pair of snowboard boot poles jacket googles and most everything else in the 185 size. i could probably get my ski boots and board boots in there but youd have to lose something. the trick is to lay the skis flat against the back and put the snowboard bindings so that they straddle the bindings the opposite way so you can zip er shut. it might not work if you have a narrow stance on your snowboard or its short like a freestyle setup. i end up having the nose of my big mountain snow board nearest the wheels and the ski bindings sit nice between the bindings top sheet to top sheets. you could always take your board bings off too. that would be a peice of cake to get it all in.