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Does picking a board length depend solely...

Does picking a board length depend solely (or primarily) on your height or does your weight factor in as well? I'm 5'6", 170 lbs. Should I go with a 154 or 150?

How much different is this board from the Custom V-Rocker? The specs seemed to match up pretty closely on the Burton website.


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The length of your board should have more to do with your weight than height. The heavier you are the stiffer board you need. But then again, the longer you are the higher your weight center will be and the longer board you need to keep it stable.

I'm 5'11" 168lbs and ride a 155 for park, 157 for all-mountain and would probably have a 159 for powder - but since I'm not made of money I use the 157.

According to the description you can size this board down 2 cm so 157 should be a pretty safe bet considering it's a all-mountain/powder board rather than all-mountain/freestyle.

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You need to look at weight, riding style and ability when trying to detirmine a snowboard size.

With your weight you should probably go for the 157 if you plan on using it as an all mountain board

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I would say a 154 if you want to play in the park, on rails, and in the pipe... or a 157 if you want to use it in POW too... With rocker you can ride it a bit smaller and still get float in a foot or two of powder.

The guys are right, your weight points you to a bigger size so it does depend on what you want to do on the board... and where you plan on riding it.

Again, I'm 6'0" 195 lbs and rock a 157 for park/Jibbing ... a 159 Wide for Powder.

Either way, you will be stoked as this thing RULES!!!