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Gday gday, i got a question and im torn...

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Gday gday, i got a question and im torn between these two bindings, i live in australia and i can get myhands on a pair of Salomon Code Snowboard Bindings for the same price as i can get these on here which am i gonna get more for my money????

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It really is a matter of what you want they are really close. I would say Salomon, i ride lots of Burton stuff and you kinda pay a little premium for the name. So more for your money i say Salomon. The mission is a good binding tho

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I'd say go with the Missons if you're more all-mtn, although I'm partial to the Missions since I ride them. If you're going to be riding more all-mtn freestyle, then I'd get the Missions. If parks are your thing, maybe the Codes will treat you better in the long run.

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i say youd get WAY more for your money with the salomons because these cant be shipped out of the US :-)

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Agree. A lot of it is personal preference and boots but I've found the Salomons way more comfortable (but I ride salomon boots).