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HI, i really like the look and sound of...

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HI, i really like the look and sound of the machete but hearing that it lacks pop isnt a nice thing to hear! i rode the DH and yeah it is a great board but the pop on it just didnt agree with me. I'm looking for something that is great for park but that would also handle the mountain.

I would really like a ride board and im closely looking at the machete because i was told it would handle anything you throw at it! What would anyone reccommend?

I also ride a 153 at the minute and didnt know whether to go with the 152 or 155? any advice would bve much appriaciated!

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The Machete doesn't lack pop, I demoed this board last year. The Machete rides like a more playful DH. The carbon array 3 lay up in this board goes up pretty high by the contact points, giving it that snap needed to be an all-mountain board. You can feel it going to work for you.

As far as which size you need, a 155 will help you float more than a 153 on powder days and perhaps handle some bigger jumps and still will be able to jib. The 153, will be familiar with the board you're riding now. Ask yourself if you've found yourself in situations where you definitely KNEW you needed a bigger board, how often was that happening?

Either way, give the Machete a shot, it didn't get a Good Wood park board over $400 for having lack of pop.

Hope this helped.