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Hello. I like the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones...

Hello. I like the Skullcandy Hesh Headphones in the stripe and black/red. I need some headphones for school. I was wondering if these would go all the way around my ears or just kind of sit on top of them? I need ones that can go all the way around my ears. Thanks.

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who would make a headphone like this that didnt?? yea it does cradle your ears like a little baby :)

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these definitly cup the ears, they are huge! they are very comfortable too

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Thanks. :) This is all new to me- I'm a web design and interactive media major and I just started my first audio class on Monday.

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that is sweet megan, sounds like fun ive never even heard of interactive media... hope you do good in the class :)

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Thanks Jake. Yeah I have no experience in audio. Those headphones just look kind of small like they wouldn't completely go around my ears. Well hopefully they aren't leaky at all. My teachers are very anti-ear bud because it's annoying as hell to hear 20 people's music blaring all at once. Thanks for your help!

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well i have these sick headphones and i usually put my hood up in class and slap them on.. idk how the teacher doesnt notice but i have them on full blast and no one hears a thing, it comes through nice and crisp.. you should have no worries, if u need anymore questions answered just find my profile and talk to me.. peace!