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Hello! I've been riding on my beginners...

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Hello! I've been riding on my beginners board for 6 seasons now...it's starting to get painful. So I need a new board for intermediate, pushing advanced. I like to ride all-mountain, but with a livelier board I feel like I could really get into the park. I don't have a lot of money to spend, but I'm at the point with my riding where if the extra $50-$100 is worth it, I'll do it. Is this board ok for my skill-level, or do I need to dish out more dough!?

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Well I think its time to definately get a new board lol. This is a good deck to keep with the progression of your riding skills. BUT there is a lot out there, especially for girls. So to not break the bank I will list off a few boards just to give you a feel for what might tickle your fancy. Sooo, there is the Solomon Lush, Roxy Silhouette(with magnatraction), any of the DC decks, or the Rome Detail or Lo-fi. Its really all dependant on what you like to ride more. All of these decks are good for all-mountain, but some are better suited for the park like the DC's or the Rome. Or you can go Rocker Camber and get the K2 Vava Voom(more noodly for presses), or the Nitro Runaway w/ Gullwing Camber for less hang-ups on boxes, rails and just riding. But its all personal preference and what you want to ride. Everyone ive listed here are a great start. So take a look, read reviews, and go from there. Especially if you can go to your local shop and actually see the decks, it makes your decision that much easier. And yes when you're already spending $250 on a deck, $20 or $30 more wont kill you. And you might just see a HUGE difference with that little bit of extra money spent. Hope this helps :)