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Hello all, I just purchased the Lib Tech...

Hello all, I just purchased the Lib Tech TRS BTX in a 154, I have been riding a burton un inc 154. I'm 5'6, 165lbs, size 8 boots. Having second thoughts on getting the 151 instead, I don't ride the park that much, I like to go for speed but also want the quickness to take turns in and out of trees? Also like to take to board fast down the groomers on a straight line (want stability)...any advise? thinking of pairing the board with a Burton CO2 or P.1

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If you don't ride much park you'll be fine. You'd be fine on either. Also, either of those bindings would do well.

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I would go for the T Rice for more all mountain. Or the Dark Series for more groomers. The T Rice will work better for powder and the Dark Series will turn faster. This board will go fast good, but not as good as the ones mentioned.

But these 2 boards are a lot different feeling from the un inc. The TRS is not as "big of a leap" in feel.

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the Lib Tech T Rice would be much better for you for going fast... c2 btx is really stable

putting burton bindings on a lib tech board should be a crime... go with union datas or contacts... they are lighter than anything else and are totally bombproof

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id stick with this board i have this board and i love it, and all the talk about it being unstable at speeds is bullshit, never notice anything, if you are riding more all mountain id deff go longer rather than shorter

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Im not sure what eastcoast rider is talking about. I ride a pair of P1.1s on my t.rice and they ride fine. Ive ridden the union force too and they are also fine. On my other board i use forum republics and arenas (owned by burton)...they are fine too. Id say the tech on high end burton bindings are better but youre shelling out a lot of money so that sucks. All this burton hate is kinda counterproductive. Id recommend you read more reviews on bindings you like the look of and decide accordingly. The CO2s would suit your purpose but theyre almost criminally expensive. That be my only gripe. Union are a good binding company but dont fall for the general fanboyism about union thats been going around these past few years...