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Help! I'm trying to decide between the...

Help! I'm trying to decide between the 390's and the Union Force-SL. I have a huge,wide foot (11.5W). I have Northwave Decade Boots. I really just want an All Mountain Binding that fits the Decades well. I have an older pair of Rome Targas and didn't really love them. But the 390's seem really different, especially the ankle strap, but I've hard nothing but great things about Union Force's. I hope I get alot of feedback. I'm torn. They both would look sick on my board. I just need to know comfort wise. Help! Rome 390's or Union Force SL's?!

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First let me say that both of these companies are sick. BUT for binders, Union is the way to go. For tech, comfort, price and durability, you want to get a pair from Union. Seeing as you want to get the SL's, the price point will be almost the same(Unions will prob be a lil more cash, but WELLL worth it). I have ridden both companies in terms of binders and I would have to say that Union makes a better product, and the majority of the time its cheeper in price. If you want better bang for the buck, go for the Force's. I personally have a Rome Machine W and L/XL Contact's and 32 Lashed and TM2's, and I love my set-up. The TM2's fit better in the cage bec they are a slimmer boot, but by im not saying that my Lashed do not fit(Lashed have one of the widest foot prints on the market). They do and they feel nice and comfy, even for being a wider treaded soul. So just keep that in mind bec u said you rock a pretty wide boot. Altho I ride a larger boot than you do, and they both fit just fine. And a 2 year warranty on the base plate is a nice touch too. Hope this helps

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Thanks alot Kris! I have a wide foot AND a high instep so on another note, the only boot that has ever fit me well have been Northwaves (Decade). So you would say the Unions would be better for All Mountain? I'm not really big into the Park so I just want a comfy, responsive binding. Thanks for the advice...I think I'm leaning toward the Unions.

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Most def get these!! Yeah man I would rate them more for all mountain, BUT will still kill the park and any other feature you throw at them. They will hold up through pretty much anything. Solid tech, great comfort and all for a price tag that cheeper than a lot of 'good' binders out there. Like I said every boot fits differently, but all will fit :)