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Hey I had the spacecraft sno cat hoodie,...

Hey I had the spacecraft sno cat hoodie, grey with orange cat, but i lost it. it was kinda thin fior a hoodie, im wondering if this one is a little more beefy, and just why it costs more than the others?

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Fatties 503

Sick Zipup!

Well for starters that logo with the stitching on the front prolly had something to do with the price. More of a premium charge for the time gone into that than just a regular screen job.

This one does "look" like it has some more oomph in it. The tag plainly says 100% cotton, while the tech specs say cotton/poly. With it being all cotton I am gonna lean to it being a heavier make to keep it warmer since cotton is = the cold.

With this thing being 35% off right now, and the fact you lost/someone jacked :( your pimp orange cat, jump on this! I see there is only an M and XL left. Hopefully one of these is yer size.

Last but not least, get in touch with your local gear guru by phone, and check to see if they either expect more in, or find out if our presumptions on this hoodie are correct. They want to help you out...it's that simple.