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Hey, I really really want this board or...

Hey, I really really want this board or the Starimaster. I am about 6'2 and 170lbs or so. What size would work the best, mainly park, but still ride the mountain as well. Also, i mostly jib, don't hit too many jumps. If not this brand, what would be the best jib stick to get?

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Well im about the same build as you are. I ride a 154W. You should prob stick to something around that size (154-156), it will be best suited for you. With reverse cambered boards, you can technically ride something up to 5cm smaller than a traditional cambered deck. I personally wouldnt do that bec It would put me on a 149 and thats redick lol. But stick to this deck in a 154-156 if you want a sick jib deck. If not check these decks out:

Rome Artifact(reg or 1985)
Rome Machine(whitch is what I ride)
Rome Agent 1985
Stepchild Jibstick
Stepchild Everything Sucks board
Burton Love with V-rocker
Gnu Park Pickle
Libtech Skate Bannana

Check any of those out as they are all sick decks. Also im guessing you have bigger feet? You need to be aware of the waist size of the deck. Try to stick to something around a 252 or bigger, if your feet are bigger than 11's. Hope this helps bro

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I'll keep it simple bro,, Get this board,, Rock a size 153 or 155,, if you have a boot size that's 12 and up,, get a wide board,, under 12,, get a regular board,, this is a sick jib stick that you will never regret..//

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if youre not on too much of a budget i would go with a gnu park pickle or a stepchild jibstick, but if you are then stick with this board for sure. and go with the 153 if you mostly jib. It will be sick in the park and still ride everywhre else good