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Hey, I wear a women's size 9-10, what size...

Hey, I wear a women's size 9-10, what size binding should i get with Union?

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Oh yeah, and I just bought the Forum Youngblood, would these bindings work for that board? Slash are there any bindings that would NOT work for that board?

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i have the same size feet and i got a the M/L in mens. cause they only had S/M in womens boots and that'll be too small for ya... but just know that these are gunna run big and it'll take more for you to get a response from them... cause they are dudes... i would get a pair of chick milan unions... but these will do they are sick

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The only binding system that wouldnt work on your board is the burton ICS or EST. If you rock a youngblood, any of the union line would work for you. My girl picked up the milans and she loves them. I personally have these but in the CMKY colours. SUUUUUUUUPER light and does everything you want them to do. From park to pipe to groomers, youre set with these

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any bindings except the burton bindings with EST will work. i wouldn't get burton anyway though. the youngblood is a sick board i'd say get the union milans an you'll be set for sure :) hope that helped