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I'd place my self in the advanced...

I'd place my self in the advanced catagory of all mountain riding and intermediate when it comes to park. I worked Park Crew at Hood last year and finally demolished my 2004 K2 Luna (finally that baby held up for a long time.

I'm considering the Rome Lo-Fi as my next board as I want something I can ride the whole mountain with but will serve me well in the park. I'd love some feedback. According to the sizing I'd be in the 153 range and it looks like they don't have it, is it worth grabbing the 150 while its around? Any other board suggestions?


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Well theres a lot out there right now. I guess its all dependant on what kind of board you wanna ride. If you want reverse camber/rocker/fk/whatever else they are putting out lol, or going for a traditional cambered board. Ill list off a few that would be good for what you are looking for....

-Gnu B-Nice BTX Series(Bannana tech rocker)
-K2 Va Va Voom(Rocker)
-Capita Space Metal Fantasy(FK)
-K2 Lunatique(beefed up version of your Luna)
-Rome Jett
-Nitro Mystique

All of these would be good to look at. But I picked up the Lo-Fi for my lil sis last year and she went from beginnner to intermediate within a few weeks. It stepped her game up that much in such a short amount of time. Some say that rocker is easier to get around and progress more, whitch makes sense bec its more forgiving. But with rocker you might feel sketchy at higher speeds. If you want to go for a rocker board tho, go for the Gnu B-Nice BTX just because it gives you rocker with the added bite of Magne-traction(whitch works wonders on hard pack and ice). BUT I am partial to Rome decks as I ride a Machine myself. Oh and with rocker you can technically ride something up to 5cm shorter than you reg deck, but I wouldnt go that small. and if you ride more all mountain go for something along the lines of a 151-153. Hope this helps :)