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I'm a girl from Norway and reeeally...

I'm a girl from Norway and reeeally like this jacket in raspberry! But I am so afraid that it won't fit... I'm normally a size S, but I like it BIG. I want it to almost hide my hole butt, if you know what i'm sayin... And does anyone know ca. how much it would cost, sending it to Norway? And possibly - how long it takes?
(I didn't understand that much of the shipping&order rules..?)

- It would be awesome if someone can answer me! :o))

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Hi there! Im not a pro but ill help the best i can. :]
DC is a great company, and having that smalls fit you i think you will be fine with a small, if your really not that sure about it go with a medium but you would most likely have to have a bunch of clothes underneath it. Covering your butt the medium would probably do the job, but if you go with a small you could always wear a tank top/long sweater. Norway: What you could do is add this to your cart and go to checkout (this would not mean you HAVE to buy it) but click continue checkout, enter your shipping info, and at the bottom you should get a total. (Though this praticular coat should be free shipping since its over $50 ^.-) The cost of it also depeneds on the type of shipping you choose, THIS also depends on the amount of days. Though you are in a different country than the U.S. it could be 1 or 2 days more, though i could be wrong. I hope i helped you, if i didnt, maybe you can do the live chat thing on here! :] The people are really helpful, and they arn't robots! lol
and best of luck!