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Hey im buying my first board/park board....

Hey im buying my first board/park board. I have done alot of research and I have come down to two boards that iv heard good things about. I need somthing that will do good on jibs, in park, and on the pipe. Im looking at either the skate banana or the Ride dh2.4, i have heard great things about both but my concern with the skate banana is that its not good on pipe which would be a issue. What would you recommend I do, or is there a better board I didnt mention that I should check out? also what size would you recommend for me? im 6ft 165lbs and wear a 13 boot. Last but not least I have some old flow bindings, would that be fine to stick on my new park board?

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The Skate Banana is a go everywhere, do everything kind of board. Make sure you get one of the wides and might I suggest the 159 since you're about my size/weight. Pipe boards are usually a little on the stiffer side, but the banana is considered to be a bit softer. The wide/159 should make up the extra stiffness that you'll want for pipe riding. Banana teck will alleviate the sluggish turning feeling traditional wide boards have, which is good all around. The magnetraction on the Skate banana is what set's Mervins "rocker" boards apart form all other rocker boards on the market. Dull the edges so you can jib rails/boxes and you'll still be able to hold a solid edge in the half pipe!! MAGNETRACTION!! I have some friends that slide sideways on the Ride DH board, and they love it too, so happy hunting!