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Hey ive never ridden a cambered or rockered...

Hey ive never ridden a cambered or rockered board before. Is there much gettin used too or does it just feel better instantly. Also im like 6'1 and like 155. I Live in Michigan so i ride park most of the time but I try to go out West when i can and I wana be able to shred the whole mountain.......Think a 156 would be solid for me?


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i've loved rocker since the first day although some people still prefer camber. The skate banana is a sick park board and great in the pow however if your looking for a board that can ride the whole mountain you need a T Rice, Dark Series or the never summer SL-R and yes 156 would be good for all mountain for you but the 152 would be better for a park specific board

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I almost got this board but instead i went with a gnu carbon credit and have some union force bindings on it. I just got this board so ive only ridden it 6 or 7 times but i just went up to Tahoe and we just got 40+ inches of fresh powder and its awesome in powder, park and on hard pack. the magnetraction holds an amazing edge. whether you get the banana or the carbon credit you'll love both of them however the banana is supposed to have more flex then the credit so if you do more rails and boxes then jumps and all mountain id go with the banana

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oh and this thing has amazing pop. i can be going pretty slow and just go off a little stump and get enough air to do tricks and still land them clean