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Hi, I'm 216 pounds 5'6, boot size 9.

Hi, I'm 216 pounds 5'6, boot size 9.
I ride mostly groomed but enjoy a little pow and park. Im only intermediate level but hoping to buy a board which'll take me to advanced and help me spend more time in park and pow as well as keeping with groomed slopes.
So, is this a good board for me, if not which would you advise, and more importantly what size board considering im on the larger side of life!!
Finally - does dogfunk deliver abroad - i live in South Korea. If not, do you know any sites that do??

Thanks for the help!!

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This would be a good board for you. It is very versatile and can do everything you want it to. I would not advise any other board. The sizing depends a lot on preference, for what you want to do though I would recommend a 156 or 156 wide. You could also go for the 152 if you wanted to spend a lot of time in the park and have a board that is easier to control.

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Thanks for your help!
159 is a bit long, so I'll go for your recommendation and get a 156, but why a wide? I thought they were for people with big feet (sorry i dont know a great deal on this!!)
Also, would a 156 hold my weight on rails etc?

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A wide would be good for bigger feet but it can also give you more stability and float in pow, the regular width is relatively wide so I would probably go with that. This seams to be a pretty tough board so it should hold your weight.