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Hi I'm an intermediate rider, 170cm/143lbs/US9,...

Hi I'm an intermediate rider, 170cm/143lbs/US9, what length board would you recommend? I ride a bit of everything, but mainly jibbing about in the trees, on-piste and off-piste - i not a speed freak, although occasionally like to blast a few runs. I was thinking a 149 or 152 but the guy in the shop recommended a 156! I've read that you should ride the banana shorter... help much appreciated!

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I'd go with a 149 if I were you.

My friend who is a 130lbs just got the 148N.

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@mat4208874 thanks for your answer. I've been leaning towards to the 152 as i want something i can hit the whole mountain on, but maybe the 149 will still be ok for that? Anyone with further advise/experience much appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm like that 130lb buy and got the 148N for jibbing about. Since you're like 10% heavier and want it for jibbing about too, I'd go for 152. If you want to ride more at speed and in general cruise faster, then 156.

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Oh, and when they said it can be ridden "shorter" I think they are talking about more fluffy snow because it floats from the banana shape so you don't need a longer board. But I don't think it works any better on groomers this way. As a matter of fact, it's worse at higher speeds than a camber board on groomers.

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@rasmasyean thanks for your thoughts. Went for a 154 in the end, after much deliberation. All the expert advise kept pointing me towards the 156, but decided to go a little shorter - hopefully the right decision and a whole lot of fun - can't wait to get on the slopes and test it out! Cheers everyone and happy shredding!