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Hi all. Question here! I have got a 2010...

Hi all. Question here! I have got a 2010 K2 Podium Snowboard 163 wide, a size 12 boot, and I am not sure what bindings I should go with. I know I want Union bindings. This is my first board, boot, binding setup and I want to do things right the first time around. My choices are between the Flites, Contacts, and Forces. I am not much for the park but wouldn't mind expermimenting there from time to time. I enjoy carving and speeding down the slopes much much more. I want a binding that I can take anywhere without any worries. Which bindings do you guys think I should go with and in what color should I get them in? Not sure if this factors in but I am also located on the East Coast or rather "ice coast" as I have come to learn it has been called. Need your help and opinions guys! Thanks!

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Well first off let me say good choice in binding company to go for. I also have size 12's and I got the L/XL binding and it fits like a glove on ny Rome Machine. No heel or toe drag at all. Union makes really great product, and product that lasts. I have a pair of '09 Contacts and I absolutely love them. Mind you I ride pretty much park, but do take them to the steeps and trees. NOWWW, if you ride a reverse cambered deck, I would say go for the Contact's or the Flight's, seeing as they are built off of the same chassis(cage of the binding), and allow your board to flex more naturally than any other binding out. With the Contact's they use a base that only contacts 33% of your binding to allow for a truer flex. Might not seem like its enought, but trust me its a dream. If you want something a lil stiffer, then go for the Force's, as you can still RIP the park in those. My next binder is gonna be either those or the Data's. It seems like for your conditions, you want a lil stiffer binding, so go for the Force's. Now as for color, its all dependant on what color your board is, but seems like its only blk or white on DF. But seriously pick up ANY pair of Unions, and you will NOT be dissaponted. Hope this helps :)

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Agreed with Kris,, ANY Unions WILL DO..//