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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could...

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could tell if there are any noticeable changes between the new magic banana and the previous model (other than aesthetics).

Also, im a 5 foot 8, 205 pound guy, what length board would you recommend i use if i were to purchase the magic? Shoe size 9.

I could really do with the help.

Thanks guys!!

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You should be good w/57 . I got 58w w/ a 10.5 boot and didnt really need it . I just like the extra surface area and for carves . Its stiff for a freestyle board . I got mine from e retailer who screwed up and sent me this years for last years blowout price . OOOps I know Dogfunk would never let that slip through .

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This does have c2 . I contacted mervin direct and they told me it has a slight camber on the front and back and it has the most banana too. I have it in my living room now. So sick. you can see the c2 when u put it on a flat surface. Pray for snow!

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good to know that this has c2,, thought i was gonna loose it givin up my trs c2 btx,, thx for the confirmation..//

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yes, i had last year's (it broke) and now have this year's (thanks mervin!). i'm 5'6, 165, boot size 8.5. i ride a 157.

- there is definitely some c2 on this one. it's less wobbly at high speeds, but as a result it also wants to grab an edge earlier than the old model did. i'm ok with that. last year's was fun as shit because it felt like a banana, but for an "everything" board the slight c2 helps here.

- the construction is better on the topsheet. the edges of my board looked like total carnage because of lift lines. this year's seems to absorb the dents rather than getting all frayed and splintery. i haven't had to use any crazy glue yet, whereas last year i would have to apply it on dings after every other trip.

- only weirdness: i'm a bit concerned about construction on the metal edging. it looks like there are a bunch of gaps where they meet the board. it hasn't been a problem yet but i did take photos of it new in case i have to return it under warranty later.