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Hi, i am looking at the '09 custom. I was...

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Hi, i am looking at the '09 custom. I was told the 162W would be the best option for me. Im 6'2 170lbs boot size 11. Would this be accurate for the 162W?

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You are definitely ok with the wide board, however the length is dependant on your skill and preference. I wouldn't go with any longer board than a 162. Especially if you're more of a beginner. I am 6'1" 165 pounds size 12 shoe and ride a wide 158. That is pretty much as long of a board as I would like.
Basically, the shorter the board the more control you'll have, the longer the board, the faster you'll be able to go and more stable it'll be at high speeds. Also a longer board is better in powder, while a shorter one is better in the terrain park. So it really depends on what type of riding you'll be doing and your skill level (shorter boards for beginners).
If I were you and could find a 160Wide I would probably go with that. But if the only thing available is the 162, you should be fine, after all it's only 2 more centimeters.