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Hi there.

I?m 6,1 and 200 lbs so just...

Hi there.

I’m 6,1 and 200 lbs so just hesitating between 162w and 166w. Could you please advise keeping in mind that I’m trying to get universal intermediate deck after my 1st season that will help me to progress.

Thanks in advance.

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Either of those lengths would be for a strict aggressive cruiser, but this is a park board. If you want something for the mountain and no park a 162 in something stiffer and directional in shape would be good. If you want a park board I'd say something in the 155 range. For everything something like a 158 would work well. I know the weight and height charts are telling you to get a big board, but unless you want a long plank you don't need one. If you're still working on learning a smaller board is easier to turn. I'm 190lbs and ride a 152. I'm mainly a park rider, its about preference, the charts are for general guidelines. It's not like you'd break a 155. Also for future reference, height is irrelevant, weight is what matters as it is what controls how much the board flexes. I recommend getting something 156-159cm. Look for boards that are all mountain if you haven't yet figured out if you like park or cruising better. An all mtn board will allow you to ride everything pretty well. A long park board is a terrible idea, I've done it before. I wouldn't put you on anything bigger than 160 unless all you wanted to ride was power and hardpack hard and fast all day. In your second year of riding you are far from that. A 162 or 166 would be a lot to hand at slow speeds trying to learn. My experience is 10 years riding just so you know I'm not someone who's never ridden before. Hope this helps.

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hola Justin.

Thank you so much for your answer. So I now starting to hesitate between 162w and 158w :))))Any ideas? Just worried about 158w behavior on fast hardpack? in powder?