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Hi there. I'm 170, 5'10" and ride a 9.5/10...

Hi there. I'm 170, 5'10" and ride a 9.5/10 boot. I learned to ride on a Nitro Target 159, which was way to big for me. I found myself swinging the board around to carve effectively. Overall, the board was way to heavy for anything but downhill cruising.

I mostly ride all mountain, and only dabble in the park. I demoed the 154cm Ltd Custom Vrocker and fell in love. I was cruising and the size felt ok. I also demoed the 156 custom just to test the size, but was no longer impressed with traditional camber and was therefore biased against the board.

My question is: I love the maneuverability of a shorter board, but still want to all-out bomb a trail at max speed. Should I go with the 154 vrocker or step it up to a 156? Would the 154 still give me the stability? I heard that sizing down on a vrocker is recommended. Is this true?

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The longer camber board is going to better if your true love is "bombing" hills. The v-rocker is going to be really loose. It is not made to "bomb" hills. It is supposed to be a really playful deck that will be a good all mountain board. You will feel a difference when going crazy fast. Run the 54 if you liked it. That is the name of the game. It is what you like. If you are not going to be stoked on the 56 then don't get it.