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How Sick would this be?

I got Burton Blunt...

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How Sick would this be?

I got Burton Blunt purple and white - with all white custom bindings not just a good set up by a tight out look. I would choose purps cartel but to expansive no sense of spending 200 bucks on bindings my opinion. Or should I?

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That would look sick for sure!
And yes bindings are super important! crappy bindings make for a crappy day. If you are riding 40 or less days though these would be perfect for you in my opinion. But if you ride hard and often, it is worth the extra bucks to upgrade and get a binding that will last and take the punishment you dish out. I own burton triads and even though they are more expensive, they sucked.. tow strap fell off, screws (including base plates) came loose all the time and the metal that kept my binding at a lean tore through the plastic and is no permentally set on the no lean.
My point is that bindings are important and expensive isnt always better either.
In the end, If you are more of a casual rider these would be perfect for you. If you are a park junky, upgrade
(Read the other comment too. It is spot on)