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How soft is this board? Could you compare...

How soft is this board? Could you compare it with other similar boards? Will work the 155 with 12 boot size?

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This may not make alot of sense, but the board is stiffer than you would think, it just doesnt feel like it because of the flat kick. and no you need a wide board.

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you don't need a wide board with a 12 boot... super wide boards are overkill unless you are a 13 with flat angles... a 12 should be fine on any width above 25.0cm if you're riding park, unless you're riding 0, 0... the ultrafear is a midwide with a width of 25.5ish cm... i'm riding a horrorscope with the same width in 11.5's and 15, -15 angles, and i don't feel a thing... don't believe the hype; unless you're laying down knee dragger euro carves, you won't notice any toe drag with 12's on a midwide... and the benefits you get from riding a midwide as opposed to a super wide trucker board surely outweigh any minimal risk of toedrag...

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If I had a size 12 foot I'd go with a wide board for sure.

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mos def a wide board. I have 12's, ridden everything from a 24.8, to a 26.8, and riding a slightly wider board is heaven. if you need to lay down a heavy edge, hit ice, get into deeper snow, etc. The smallest board i've ever ridden with zero problems, is a 25.5, with +15 -15 angles.

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Yes jordi i have the ultrafear in a 155 but the 2011 version, you will have no problems with size 12. i ride 12s and there is no issues with em. last season i rode a rome graft with a 250ww and had no issues! john has no idea what hes talkin bout.