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How well do these work with a helmet since...

How well do these work with a helmet since it doesn't look like thay have any hinges

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They're helmet compatible. This means that they should work with helmets.Yes, they checked the helmet compatible box. How WELL do they work with a helmet. Specifically- Sometimes with a women's smaller face/goggle and a big ole helmet not having hinges can make the goggles pull at the straps and not sit correctly on your face. Does anyone know if these have hinges I just don't see in the picture or has actually tried them on with a helmet.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wnated to add my 2 cents as I picked up a pair of these goggles. IMHO these goggles don't work that well with a helmet. There's no hinge and even when the strap is at its loosest it's still pretty tight for me with my helmet. The buckle at the back is problematic as my helmet clip (RED Reya) is meant to hold a strap. There's also no silicon ribbing inside the strap to hold onto the helmet so I find the goggles could easily slip off if I wipe out, etc.

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So, I ended up getting these and they do work with my helmet. It's a smaller style boele and the strap is at it's max. My helmet has a snap in goggle holder thingy so it doesn't slip around. I guess the answer to my own question is it really depends on the helmet.