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I am 172cm, weight 60kg and 8 size of...

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I am 172cm, weight 60kg and 8 size of boots. What size of board do you recommend?
I have been riding 3years. Now i decide to swich all gears of snowboarding.
i looked at the union bindings. they are very good. but, i need to now what size is like M? Can you set binding on the snowboard that i am going to buy form you?

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Usually the rule of thumb is buy a board that is between your nose and the middle of your neck when you stand it up in from of you. Freestyle riding should have a board closer to your neck and all-mountain riding is closer to your nose. I say measure from your feet to your lower lip and pick a board size close to that and to be safe go for the longer board.
As for bindings you need a medium, on average mediums are about size 6-9. For Unions, you need a medium/large. And Unions will work on any board except Burton boards with EST or 3-Hole mounting without the proper conversion disks. In this case with the Lib-Tech board, you're in the clear!