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I am 6'4" and thin. What size should I...

I am 6'4" and thin. What size should I get. A lot of shirts when you go up in size they get a little longer and MUCH wider. What's a good brand for tall and not fat people?

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Any Tee- that is a "custom" or "premium" is your best bet. These usually have longer fits and slimmer cuts. These are usually more expensive as well. Any TEE that is around $20 is going to be your standard fitting tee.

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Yeah, I'm 6'2" and I try to stick to the longer tees, its just what i like. I personally dono how burton shirts fit but if its anything like Analog a XL should be good. Most the shirts I have are DC, RVCA, Analog, and Volcom. I've gotten a variation of lengths from all of the companies, some XL's have been super tight, where as some XL's will be longer and have much more space. Best bet is probably to look at reviews and see how people describe it. I've returned A LOT of shirts just cause I don't like the fit but I'll get another one from the same company and I'll like it.

I hope that in someway helps.

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You should check out our custom Dogfunk blank tees. They fit tall and slim and are insanely comfy. Other tees that fit tall and slim are KR3W (best) RVCA and Volcom.