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I am debating if I should go with a 149.5cm...

I am debating if I should go with a 149.5cm or 152.5cm… I currently have the 2009-2010 Team Gun 152cm, If I go smaller will there be a major difference between the two?

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It depends on what type of riding you do and your weight. A 3cm difference isn't huge but it can make a difference depending on what you'll use the board for. If you like the 152 then stick with it. If you want something smaller for less swing weight I'm sure you can ride the 149.5 if you're fine on the 152. If you plan on keeping the Gnu I'd go for the smaller one, that way you have a few different sizes of boards instead of an army of 152s or whatever. Also remember that dogfunk has an insane return policy, whichever board you pick if you don't like it exchange it, I did that last year on this site, Good luck.

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Well this is my first full year boarding. I just started learning how to do tricks and going off park jumps now. I am 5'6" 135lbs, my current board is the technine team series 152cm. I kind of find it difficult for me to do 180s, Oillies etc. Hopefully by going with a shorter board and a softer flex will help me with my performance.
Thanks for the insight Justin!