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I am getting this board for my boyfriend...

I am getting this board for my boyfriend for his birthday because he won't shut up about it lol I just need to know if I should get the narrow board. His boot size is 9-9.5 I don't remember which size exactly and it is going to be a surprize soooo I can't ask him... help?!?

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I have that same size foot and ride this board in the regular width in a 156cm which has a 255mm waist width on it. So he will be just fine on the regular width board.

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get the regular...if you get the narrow...your probably going to get toe drag with a 9.5 boot

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Kayla, I have a size 9 Burton boot and just threw my binders on this board (156 standard width) the other day. It seems that there are gonna be NO problems with drag for me, and I assume your BF will be the same. Also, since board length is alot about preference and riding style as well as physical size and weight I would try to sneak a peek at his current board to see how long you want to get it (the size is often printed somewhere on the board top and will probably just be a number between 150-160). If everything goes wrong and he gets mad at you for getting him the wrong size and you live in the Salt Lake area then dump him and give me a call. A girl who gets me a new snowboard for my birthday couldnt get me the wrong size if they tried.