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I am looking to buy my first helmet, would...

I am looking to buy my first helmet, would this be a good option?

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Hey Cody,

GOOD CALL! I resisted getting a helmet for so long, but now I actually hate riding without it. This is definitely a solid bet. Some things to consider when grabbing a helmet will be ventilation, audio compatibility, and weight. I personally love a helmet with a visor because they tend to fit a wider range of goggles, and you can prop your goggles upon them in between runs if needed. It will simply come down to personal preference. Happy shreddin.

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Definitely get a helmet, it's not you but someone else that will cause you to go down hard and smash your head. Go to all the sports shops in your community; close your eyes and try on every helmet you possibly can. Then buy the one that feels the best on your head, irregardless of the colour or what your friends are wearing. Avoid vented helmets unless there's a mechanical vent closing device. I've wouldn't recommend the Giro Ten.Ten. I've been boarding 15 years, 35+ days per season.

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Each helmet fits differently. You really need to go to a store and try them on first. My husband tried on 6 different helmets and some had gaps between his helmet and ears, some didnt fit right with goggles on. On a different note, my kids and i have giro helmets and we love them.