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I am thinking of buying this snowboard for...

I am thinking of buying this snowboard for my boyfriend who used to ski and now has switched over to snowboarding. He boarded a few times with a burton board , and weighs 180 lbs and is about 5'10. I have been reading so many reviews about this being a "wide" board. Do you think that this will still be okay?

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Usually you get into wide boards when you have 11+ feet. The weight of you bf is also dependant on what size of board he wil ride. If hes 180lbs, you would want to go for a board that is around a 154 and up. You said hes making the transition over from ski to baord, so you might even want to get him something along the lines of a 157(especially because of his weight). If he has smaller feet than size 11, you might want to think of getting him a board that is reg width. Also look for something called the 'waist width' of a board, this determines how big of a foot/binding you will be able to use. Like I said before, if hes over an 11 you want to look for a waist width of atleast 255mm. If he wears anything 10 and under, you can choose pretty much any board out there. Hope this helps :)

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To break down what Mcgregor said. If the feet are size 11 or higher, he needs a wide board. From his weight get a board around 157. no smaller than a 155. This is a great beginner board.