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I am trying to decide on what size to get...

I am trying to decide on what size to get in this board, I normally would get 157 without thinking, but with the rocker tech in this board it makes me wonder if I should be looking more at the 154, I weigh 160lbs and am 5ft 10 inches, I want a all mountain freestyle board , not a park only board, or board size. Thanks for any input, I live in Southwestern Montana. Also I am curious if anyone knows the details of the rocker on this snowboard, is it zero camber between the bindings with rocker in the tip and tail or is camber between the bindings with rockered tip and tail, its not very clear, even on Salomons website they say it has Rockequalizer : stating that it has low or flat camber with ridiculously long nose kicks, but what exactly does that mean, I think it means zero camber (aka: no camber) and rockered tips and tail, but if anyone knows for sure I would greatly appreciate the info

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I would let rocker be more of an added benefit rather than letting it change the way you buy a snowboard, I'd say buy your normal length as if it were cambered.

If you think you may be between sizes, go bigger if you're riding more pow, if you're spending more time in the park or hardpack, go smaller, given you're weight and riding style however, it is my personal opinion the 157 has your name on it.

As far as the camber story goes, sounds like it's a low-rising rocker with an abrupt kick on the nose/tail- to draw comparison's perhaps similar to Capita's Flat kick.

Hope that helped.